"Providers' LINK to Patients & Payers"


Simplified. Faster. Compliant.

“Billing insurance is complicated, but you’re missing a lot of opportunities if you’re not, BIGLINK simplifies the process so you can focus on your Practice & Treating you Patients”
We know that with your Private Practice, simplicity is key.
Less paperwork? More time for your patients.
Step-by-step protocol and performance analytics? We’ll get your accounts paid faster, and with fewer denials.

Powerful Features

HIPAA Compliant EDI Claims
Custom Documentation

Cloud based Technology
OnDaDot Mobile App Integration


Who We Serve


General Health

Acupuncture Clinics

Physical Therapy

Behavioral Health

Speech Therapy



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Claims Paid in 2.5 weeks


Claims Processed in 24hrs


Linked Insurance

Nearly all major insurance plans are LINKED

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management is complex, but we have utilized our expertise and experience to develop CLEANER and ERROR-FREE claims for faster reimbursements 



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